What we do

What does the club do?

Background to Rotaract

Rotaract is an international service organisation with 9,500 clubs spread all over the world. Rotaract is part of the Rotary family which boasts over 1.2 million members worldwide.

Rotaract clubs are self-governing and self-supporting. Our club will be supported by Norwich St Edmund Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Norwich Blackfriars.

Both clubs have extensive experience in business and community projects. They will offer guidance and support and ensure the longevity of Norwich Rotaract Club.

Club meetings

We will meet the first and third Thursday of every month, at 6pm, in an informal social environment within the city centre. It will be a great opportunity for members to catch up with one another and to discuss the direction of the club.

At each meeting the club officers have the opportunity to present updates to their fellow members. The club will invite interesting individuals and organisations to come and talk to the club about their life, work or interests. This will be a brilliant opportunity for club members to meet leading figures in Norfolk and to develop networking opportunities. Most importantly the meetings will be informative, thought provoking and enjoyable.


Our aim is to support one local community project and one international project during the first six months of the club’s year. As we become established as a club, members will be able to nominate local and/or international charities which we can support for the remaining six months of the club’s year.

We may raise funds though bucket collections, charity auctions or a fancy dress pub crawl. Members can take the lead in deciding the best way to raise funds and awareness for each charity. By Year 2 we will be able to determine the needs of the local and international community and organise our own projects.

For Year 1 both of the charities outlined below will visit the club and tell us how we can help them. This may not be through raising money, it could be through our publicity or putting our professional skills to good use.